generateHTML: Create a Row

Sunday, 28 February 2016 pixellab

In this process we are going to create a row with a wrapper which may help your to add some extra benefits to the HTML , Based on the Bootstrap and Foundation, row is one of the most important structure of the HTML. In the aboue screen we are creating a Row and we prefer to keep adding row for every new line on your HTML.
So in this process we are asking class name of the wrapper.In the class name you can add any of your custom class name or you can your a Bootstrap or Foundation class name.If you dont have the class name you can skip this field, if you dont mention any class name then we will treat this as a custom class name.
In the next field we are asking for a color or background image for the wrapper background. It could be color like #ff0000 or the image like http://...., if you have an image, then please provide an link.
These fields are optional, you can choose a wrapper and its color code or background image or you can skip them and press on the
Create Wrapper.

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